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. on military spending, rocky. >> president obama warned the -- president eisenhower warned this country when he termed it the military industrial congressional complex. for very good reason. these folks vote for massive funding for completely wasteful projects, like the f-22 that the department of defense said we are never going to use it. it is out-moded. dollars on it? and because the contractor had other contractors or sub contractors in 44 different states, and they did it very strategically, these people, the republicans and democrats alike, voted for additional funding. that is treason against our country when our treasury -- treasure is being wasted, when we need that treas write to go to exporting and jobs, and the biggest problem facing our planet and that is climate change. we need to focus on where the real problems are, rather than those who are benefiting from this corrupt system have their stake. now, there are two fundamentals when it comes to our engagement, military engagement. i think our leaders completely are either esconsing or ignoring. have either forgotten or are ignorin
" by brooks and dunn] president obama at his second of two stops a day. he is up to nevada at a late appearance this evening. more coverage coming up here on c-span of debate. tonight is the 27 house districts in new york state. umkathy hochul defending her seat appeared also a seventh, the governor's debates. lot of life for you over on c- span2. book tv stops in austin, texas for the texas book festival. hear from former abc news head david westin honest 13 years in the news business. sunday from noon to 6, hw brands on grant. robert draper inside the house of representatives. >> next, a delaware senate andkevin carpert, car pe and keven wade. >> welcome. on behalf of this first media, welcome to the 2012 made possible by the financial support of aarp and the american cancer society. joining me for this session are the candidates for u.s. senate tomuding the democrat carper and keven wade. this is divided into two sections following an opening one minute session. we will pose questions to the candidates. responses are limited to one minute and 30 seconds each. it will have a dream
on the stage. i hope we do not see a replay of our first debate president obama and romney, but i see that, with a foreign policy, that they are much more prepared than they would be. >> because of the moderator or because of the format, james? what do you not want to see a repeat of? >> in the format. the format is the same, but since they have been through it and since president obama will be prepared to night, unlike the first debate, it should be a good one. i am looking forward to seeing it. >> that me turn to perdue university about what to expect tonight -- purdue university, about what to expect tonight. >> what formula the you think we can get to around a theatrics that we can see? >> are you looking for tonight? >> i get frustrated when the one on one convicts are sensationalized. if the moderator takes more of an active role and make sure their presence is known, you see a lot more less of it. >> the candidate had prepared for this debate, all of the debates, they have their line set. not rehearse, but impromptu. we have moved from the multiple moderator's to the single moderato
so much of a cipher. he has limited himself to saying, the criticizing the obama, and that criticism as not to the civic, that obama should be tougher. when he gets down to talking about what he would do differently, so far to differ does have been minimal. you can look at syria where romney has said he would be tougher. what would he do differently? maybe getting a few more high- powered arms to the rebels, but that is about a everything obama has done already, the challenge for romney will be to move beyond mere criticism -- tonight will be to move beyond mere criticism of the president and come up with a positive agenda and specific agenda of what he would do differently. the challenge for obama would be something different. obama came into office four dramatic terms about how his foreign policy was going to be different from his predecessor. he was going to change the overall tone. he was going to reset relationships with russia. what has happened instead is that he has become a moderate, pragmatic realist. he has managed things very responsibly, but not in a dramatic way. this i
satellite corp. 2012] >> president obama on day two on his swing through six battleground states. he is started today with a rally in florida. he heads to richmond virginia next. heel be in cleveland for another rally this evening but first a stop in chicago to cast his ballot. romney campaigning throughout ohio today then he's in worthing on the industries and later the northwestern part of the state. now live at 1:15 eastern we'll bring you president obama in richmond live here on c-span. >> would you support military action in iran? >> if need be, yes. as a last option, yes 6789 >> under what conditions? if sanctions don't work. if they are about to have the ability to develop a nuclear bomb, we use every option possible as would israel and that would be the last option we'd use. >> i think we stand with israel and do not let them develop a nuclear weapon. >> under what conditions would you recommend it? >> i don't know right now but we better exhaust everything else. and at the end of the day if that is what is needed, i'm still serving. i'll be the first volunteer but we're goin
not support president obama supports, a filed surviving abortion will still be killed. when we talk about planned parenthood, and don't let to throw this out, it is a $1 billion not-for-profit company that has been making a profit. i think that could go to a better place. one place i think it should go to is helping us with the comprehensive everglades restoration project, helping to make sure our waterways and water quality is clean. >> 30-second response. >> sure. planned parenthood treats all sorts of women, women in need that need these treatments. i will not take away the funding for these treatments. it is interesting how use of environmental issues, when you voted to allow oil drilling in the everglades. that could not be more out of touch. a big part of this district is the environment, and so much of our economy is based on our environment. there is a direct correlation, whether it is tour is a more realistic. >> presidential candidate michele bachmann came down here and floated that idea and i was all over her on a -- like a black eye on a pea. when you look at what has happened
is more excited? who will get their people out president obama at a storybook turnout and election team. i do not know if it is there, because they are driven by energy and passion, and we're not sure if it is still there. this is about the phone calls, the pickups -- we will pick you up at 8:00, bringing four of your friends. >> and make sure you bring an i.d. to the polls. we looked at this to the veil of how can we tell this story, and it is hard to tell the story in hiding. we gauge what they think is important by where they campaign, "the tonight show," a couple states in between. and mtv. we're trying to figure out how do we get to the store that does not want to get told. we were having a discussion, how do you get inside this voter turnout operation? how do you figure out how people are using technology to get to voters? whether we missing? that will be the thing where there will be some crazy thing that comes out of the blue, all those distractions will happen. donald trump will say something. what is happening to drive to turn out and drive the outcome, i agree it is the base, it
ignored. the obama election in 2008 the high point of youth voting in america. this is an enormous opportunity. for the first time in a long time, young people are a voting bloc that should not and cannot be ignored. do not lose that important footnote. maintain your responsibility to vote, expressed in your voice be heard, but those who make decisions on your behalf. margaret mead once said never that that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. indeed, it is the only thing that ever happened. i asked you to be that crew. i ask you to stand up to be heard and your voice matters. your vote is vital. it helps ensure you're not just working for your country, but that your country is working for you. there are other forms of responsibility outside of voting better just important. last year i left the practice of law to start the elizabeth edwards foundation, in large part to preserve her memory, but i did it to continue work she had been doing her life in helping young people fulfill their potential to succeed. to give you an idea of what we do, we run a program tha
with kid rock and trace adkins. vice president biden will join president obama. and then mitt romney and paul ryan. the house is coming into session. this will probably be over in two minutes tops. then stay tuned for president obama at 10:10 a.m. eastern time. thank you all for joining us for this post-debate reaction on "washington journal." [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] rah: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. october 23, 2012. i hereby appoint the honorable stephen c. latourette to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. sarah: the prayer today will be offered by our guest chaplain, the reverend biffle. the chaplain: you have promised you will always draw near to those who call upon your name. we call upon you this day to send upon this great nation your protection and guidance. fill the hearts of those who have been elec
hopefully we will look good among early votes. remember, final comment, obama -- host: we are running out of time. thank you for talking to our viewers. and that does it for today's "washington journal." thank you for watching our battleground series continue. tomorrow we look at nevada. all of the swing states. we will take a deep dive looking at all of them. we will see you tomorrow. . [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> looking at some of our live events today across the seas about network, and about half an hour, leon panetta will take part in a joint briefing with his south korean counterpart. you can see that starting at 10:03 eastern here on c-span. at 10:50, we will show you a forum on legal issues from the u.s. chamber of commerce. the speakers include several attorneys general and rudy giuliani and that is on c-span 2. at 2:20 eastern, paul ryan will be in cleveland speaking to ohio voters. we will have a live for you. a little bit later, president obama is out west today in denver an
. i will come to a conclusion, but i want to talk briefly about obama and romney. obama has a reputation as a reader. there is one time he was asked about reading a book, but he said, i only have time to floss my teeth and watch tv sports. homeland," "theorado la sopranos." he mentioned snooki a couple of times. it was suggested that obama's approach -- it does not necessarily suggest that obama read the book, but he said obama might have taken the idea that was in the air to account. there has been this trend of people giving obama jewish books. benjamin netanyahu started it by giving him a but. peter gave him a book. i wonder what would happen if we had a jewish president. but that is what we do. we give jewish books to our president even if they are not jewish. mitt romney is looking to get a better presidents of the jewish vote then became did. he is aggressively -- than mccain did. i was on a phone call with governor romney. he was talking to 3000 jewish leaders on thursday night. he has read a number of books related to isreal. it is a really important book in terms of
won't work with president obama. we do need to work together across the aisles. democrats, republicans, and independents. mono >> moderator: federal deficit reduction is threatening state economies and budgets. states depend on federal grants for 32% of their revenue. knowing that the cuts flow downhill, knowing that the city of syracuse and many other municipalities may soon face financial insolvency, what would it take for you to consider either voting to help the debt ceiling in the city. buekle: i think it is because of the federal government, federal mandates that the government places on him, whether it is from education or medicaid. that is a shared responsibility. a lot of the problems in our city faces are because of the burden for the federal government places on them. i wanted to go back. i want to go back to this budget issue. and the willingness to compromise. simpson-bowles is a compromise. it is a discussion of how we will get this country back on a fiscally sound clip that is bipartisan. i was one of 38 who voted for simpson-bowles. to say this is a better way. let's do
am not really happy with my choice for presidential% this year. but i am not really happy with obama either. he keeps on talking about jobs and what he is doing for america. but the only thing i have seen him do is run some program that takes care of a select group of people in this country. they are overpriced. these guys are making a fortune. it doesn't cost $30 million to do two miles' worth of road. is a just not right. why is anyone -- why isn't anyone sitting down with the retail companies, and instead of farming money out to other countries, people that come in, and giving them money to develop holiday i cannns and convenience stores, basically for free -- guest: president inherited a terrible mess. this country was absolutely hemorrhaging jobs. the unemployment rate is now down below 8%. it is headed in the right direction. we will keep going. the problem with the republican theory of government, you give of the money to the people at the top, and wealth will trickle down. it sounds good in theory, but it has never worked in the history of the country, i would argue the histo
be political messages. i am getting called by obama and mayor romney all the time. it is that time of year. utility service reminders. these are practical and legal. then you get to the right hand column that is malicious and a legal. fishing calls, focused nuisance attacks, these are where the bad actors fall. please keep in mind all three of the categories, not an exhaustive list. this is one important way to bring all of this together. my previous slights and that last slide. we need to understand the different perspectives on these events. there is what consumers see and what service providers see. consumers are seeing all of the different types of robocalls. they understand what they are getting. my kid's school is closed. got it. johnny has his dentist appointment tomorrow. i cannot forget that. rachel from card holders services. they are in that position to see and understand which robocalls they are getting. our member companies operate network operation centers. what they see is just a mass calling event. they cannot delve into what specific type of call that is. all they are seei
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14